You may find posts by searching the “NEW” District tag #lwlionspride. It appears we are the primary user of the above “tag” at this time. If you have school related social media posts you share with your families, please include the “NEW” District tag: #lwlionspride.

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You may be wondering – how in the world am I going to manage these District social media pages? Well, I certainly can NOT do it alone. I need your help.

For 2021 – 2022, I will organize a system to ensure an equitable celebration among all of our buildings; however, until September, I need your flexible contribution, help, and time.

During this time period (to get this endeavor up and running), I need everyone (including those who do not like to “toot your own horn”) to step outside of your comfort zone and share at least ONE thing with me between now and the end of August. (Some of you will be participating in summer school and summer programs. I would love to share that information, too.) PLEASE! You can also feel free to share MUCH MORE than one thing with me, but at least one will help.

You can share:

an awesome lesson,

a fun day,

a theme day,

a creative bulletin board,

a team picture,

an athlete of the week,

a student of the week,

a beautiful outside scene,

our awesome staff hard at work,

proud student projects/work,

cool online teaching or live hybrid teaching,

an awesome moment of kids cooperating,

an awesome moment of a student(s) being acknowledged,

a student rehearsal or practice,

something shared by an alumni (with their permission),

a picture of you and a former student (with their permission),

working with students in small group,

something you believe the community would like to know more about

(*an upcoming event in your building/grade level/club/organization, etc.*),

a LEA Pride event to benefit our district, staff, and students,

a Lindenwold sponsored community event you attend,

an award/recognition you receive for your hard work in education or for other contributions shared to better our world and children,

a moment where everyone in your class is “rocking it” and you have a “WOW” moment,

something educationally funny (and of course appropriate to share),

a picture of our students just HAVING FUN,

a picture of YOU HAVING FUN, etc.

please send me whatever you would like to share.

I am ALWAYS happy to identify or acknowledge ANY district related organization, team, group, person, etc. at any time. After all, we all work together!!!

(You get the idea.)

How do I share?

To make life even easier for you – you can share by emailing me a photo/video, share a photo/video into a shared drive or folder, or feel free to text me:


(My joke about the cell phone is if someone really wants to crank call me like we did many, many years ago before call waiting and caller ID, no worries! I have a complicated love-hate relationship with my telephone anyway. I only answer my cell if I actually know the person. (The car warranty guy and I are TOTALLY on the outs, the social security call person has yet to perfect the spiel so my children would refer to this call as “cringey,” and I already asked the IRS guy to ghost me.) Even still, I feel it is more important to prioritize an open line of communication over the occasional mystery breathing voicemail or robotic voice message which I delete.)

But seriously, feel free to save my cell number in your records and text me if you find that to be an easier mode of communication. Please just remember a few things:

  1. Identify who you are (grade/content for now since I am still new). I’m getting sooo much better with knowing all of our staff, but I’m not 100% yet!
  2. Please include a very brief description of what you are sharing. Twitter, Instagram, and FB like short and sweet explanations. If I have questions, I will ask so don’t worry.
  3. Please check your class list to ensure a student’s photo may be published. I do have the ability to blur and snip a shared photo so just let me know if there is a potential issue. (e.g. Student in 3rd desk)
  4. Important: If you have a student in a photo who can not be posted, it doesn’t mean you can’t share the photo with me. I can work some “photo magic” and honor that parent’s wishes.
  5. Very large group photos and pictures taken from a “back view” where student faces are not showing or identified by name may be shared. This is permissible.

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