From Empathy to Equity – The ebb and flow of reciprocal leadership

Dr. Ebony Green is one of my personal and professional role models. In addition to previously serving as a teacher, staff developer, school VP and Principal, she also served as the Executive Director of Equity and Access for the Newburgh Enlarged City School District. Currently, Dr. Green works with the Institute for Student Achievement (ISA) as the Senior Director of Programs – Equity & Access.

Tedx Video:

Summary: “A child’s journey into adulthood requires the ability to ebb and flow. It requires the ability to be flexible and firm at different parts of their journey. It also requires that the teachers around and in front of them are aware enough to grant grace and hold them accountable in ways that are nurturing, constructive, and insightful -hence ebb and flow must be the context by which we teach them. Dr. Ebony Green believes, however, that teachers (literally and figuratively) can shape and mold students. It was, in fact, a teacher who first cultivated the belief within her that she was enough and that she lacked nothing. That very sentiment would unleash a fire within her to become who she is. She believes that all stakeholders in education must realize that granting grace and instilling in children the belief that they lack nothing shapes and molds them to become scholars and, ultimately, leaders in the world.TEDxNewburgh | June 2018)

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