ARTICLES SHARED BY COLLEAGUES: DADS ON DUTY! This school thought “outside the box” when they were faced with discipline challenges. The impact of this effort has been significant. CNN: 20 Tips to Help De-Escalate Interactions With Anxious or Defiant Students Schools all across the country are engaged in this same conversation. Our students areContinue reading “IDEAS ON HOW TO APPROACH BEHAVIOR CHALLENGES”

Articles Shared by Colleagues & Dr. O’Neil

Return to school sees improvement in children’s mental health: 21-Year-Old Man with Down Syndrome Lands Job at UPS: ‘I’m So Proud of Him,’ Says Sister Sixteen Years Old, $1.7 Million in Revenue: (This is a great example of why it is important to focus on teaching students BEYOND problem-solving. We need to encourageContinue reading “Articles Shared by Colleagues & Dr. O’Neil”

National Say Something Nice Day

June 1, 2021 There’s an adage that says that people may not remember what you do, but they’ll certainly remember how you made them feel, ….and at no time is that more true than on National Say Something Nice Day, observed on June 1 each year. This holiday is about lifting your co-workers, family members,Continue reading “National Say Something Nice Day”

Interesting Articles Shared By Your Colleagues This Week:

What’s the Best Way to Address Unfinished Learning? It’s Not Remediation, Study Says: Our Kids Are Not Broken: 5 Ways to Engage ELLs with SEL LHS Arts Night:

This week in May there is too much “FUN” to pass up!

(Note: I’m using a “FUN” week to test out sharing blog posts. If you subscribed to this blog, you should have received this as a “post” in your email. If you did not, you received a link directly from me.) National Chocolate Chip Day – May 15, 2021 “Legend has it that the chocolate chip cookieContinue reading “This week in May there is too much “FUN” to pass up!”