Is it the PERFECT school?

As we think about WHO LINDENWOLD WANTS TO BECOME and WHY WE DO THIS WORK, I’m curious as to your thoughts…..

Is this Finnish School the perfect design? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Is it the PERFECT school?

  1. I think this is amazing and creative, but would be difficult to replicate in the US. We have so many politicians trying to appeal to their base that we lack the political will to allow educators the freedom to implement such a model.


  2. Thank you for sharing the article, I have always had an interest in schools in Finland because of their high literacy rates. Obviously we cannot rebuild our schools. However, we can apply some of their practices to our schools.

    1- I’d love some more flexible seating options in my Middle School classroom. I often look at the students and think about how uncomfortable the kids must be sitting in those hard seats or small seats etc. My co teachers and I use carpet squares and allow them to stand while working to give students options.

    2- I totally agreed with the idea of doing away with the division between subjects. That idea reinforces the concept that taking an interdisciplinary approach to learning and teaching being a more productive one. Every subject involves reading. We need to read/comprehend math, science, and social studies!



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